Pain Part 3: Train your brain away from pain

Pain Part 3: Train your brain away from pain In the last session we talked about using brain bioplasticity to train your brain away from pain which might sound a little “out there” and hard to believe. Many people I see in my clinic room ask me if they can expect their pain to ever…

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Balance & Why it’s so Important

Balance and why it is so Important Balance – why is it so important for daily function? Read on or watch this video to the end and I will share some ways to test your balance to see whether your balance is adequate. Think about all the things that you do every day that require…

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Lateral Hip Pain

Lateral Hip Pain Is your lateral hip pain stopping you from sleeping on your side, and preventing you from walking? Stick around to the end of this video and I’ll be able to help you with your lateral hip pain. I’m Shelley, from Miami Physio and Lakelands Physio, and today I am going to talk…

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Pain Part 2

Pain Part 2 Two As we discussed in the last session, chronic pain changes brain functioning which can negatively affect many of the body’s systems; this adaptation is called bioplasticity. There are many aspects of our lives, both internal and external, which can influence if and how we feel pain. Things we hear, smell, taste,…

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Blood Flow Restriction Training

Blood Flow Restriction Training Blood Flow Restriction Training Let’s get into some specifics – how exactly do you do this? First things first – the equipment. Firstly, you’ll need a medically approved BFR cuff, preferably tapered for a better width and wide. Avoid using elastic cuffs and theraband as the elasticity of the material increases…

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Gym Classes!

Gym Classes! Did you know that being in pain is NOT a normal part of getting older? While it is true that many people report more aches and pains as they grow older, the aging process itself isn’t the cause of the aches and pains. Sure as you get older your bones and muscles aren’t…

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Senior’s Week

Senior’s Week This week is Senior’s Week in Mandurah, and so to honour all our seniors out there, we are making it the focus of our education topics.  Last week marked the release of Injury Matters – WA Falls Report 2019, a report detailing the falls related events and statistics for WA during the reporting…

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Pain This is the first of three sessions exploring how new information about pain can help you get on top of it. We’ll be looking at what changes in your brain and body when acute pain turns into chronic or long-term pain and how together you and your physio can positively influence the pain you…

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Do You Have Good Bladder Habits? Did you know that poor bladder habits can lead to poor bladder control and incontinence? Good bladder habits are important and often change over time, so here is how you can maintain bladder control and prevent incontinence. Firstly, you should ensure you are going to the toilet 4-6x/day and…

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What To Do After A Meniscus Tear

What To Do After A Meniscus Tear Oh no, I’ve torn my meniscus – what now? So you’ve torn the meniscus in your knee. Does this mean you’ll need to have arthroscopic surgery to clean out your knee? No, not necessarily. The meniscus in the knee are two C shaped fibrocartilage structures that decrease the…

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Anterior Pelvic Tilt

Anterior Pelvic Tilt Have you got a banana back? Do you struggle standing without over arching your lower back? It sounds like you have anterior pelvic tilt. Today I’m going to explain to you what an anterior pelvic tilt is, its causes and what you could you to help it. I’ll start off with demonstrating…

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